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Fight the Bite!

Don’t let mosquitoes take the fun out of your spring and summer. Some mosquitoes may carry diseases, and bites are just plain itchy! Mosquitoes used to be more active at dawn and dusk, but new kinds of mosquitoes also bite during the day.

See our Fight the Bite page to reduce your risk of mosquito bites with a few simple steps.

Zika is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It is not currently spread by mosquitoes in the United States, but travelers to other areas have had Zika. Zika is usually mild, but it can cause birth defects, so pregnant women need to take steps to prevent Zika. Learn more on our Zika page.




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The Mission of our Health Department is to create and sustain a community of wellness in Carroll County. Our commitment is to assure the optimum quality of life by empowering the public with knowledge and resources through advocacy and community partnerships.

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