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Behavioral Health – Substance Use Services

Woman talking to her counselor
Substance abuse treatment starts with an alcohol and drug assessment.

This is the same no matter who has referred you for services. You may be court-ordered; your attorney may have suggested it; your doctor or a family friend may have told you that you need help. Maybe you are just tired of dealing with your drug or alcohol issues. A better life can start now.

Substance Use Screening Assessments


Outpatient Treatment Services


Smoking Cessation Services


Driving Under the Influence (DWI) Assessments

    • Call 410-876-4800 to make an appointment.
    • Assessment of people with alcohol or substance abuse-related charges in local courts.
    • Assessments are completed through the walk-in process at the Carroll County Health Department. (See Substance Abuse Screening Assessment above.)
    • At the request of the courts only.


First Time Offender Program (FTOP) Assessment

    • Call 410-876-4800 to make an appointment.
    • Call or walk-in to complete the FTOP registration.
    • Clients should have a document from the States Attorney’s office. The back of the
    • Document will be signed by someone from that office and will have a case number.
    • You will be scheduled with the FTOP assessor at a time that fits your schedule.
    • You will sign appropriate releases.
    • The courts will be notified of the outcome of your assessment.

Outpatient Treatment Services

Outpatient Treatment Services include evaluation, referral, detox services, education, and group and individual counseling. Services are also available for residents who need mandatory Drug Treatment Court services.

Outpatient Treatment Services are offered in many locations throughout Carroll County and the region. You must have reliable transportation to the facility where you get services.

Counseling for family members is also offered and encouraged.

Detention Center Services

Evaluation, referrals, and substance use treatment services are available for inmates at the Detention Center, by inmate request. There is no cost for these services.

Family Counseling

  • For those who have family members in treatment.
  • Scheduled when needed.
  • Must have consent of the patient in treatment.

For more information, contact the agency where the patient is receiving services.

Gambling Addiction

All clients are screened for problem gambling.

Clients who need more evaluation and/or treatment are referred to a staff member with special training and experience with gambling addiction. Counseling services, if needed, are conducted at the Carroll County Health Department.

Informational classes are offered to the public on a periodic basis.

Call 410-876-4800 for more information.

Intensive Behavioral Treatment Program

The Intensive Behavioral Treatment Program founded by the MD Quit Resource Center is offered quarterly.  The group meets for six weeks. Members use a workbook that introduces concepts such as The Stages of Change, Decisional Balance, self-management strategies, positive and negative thought patterns, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, and creating a change plan.  The social support provided by the group can be very helpful helping members meet their goals.

For more information or meeting times, call 410-876-4800.

Who can get services?

Carroll County residents 18 and over with alcohol and/or drug addictions, gambling addiction, smoking addiction, or co-occurring mental health disorders, and their families.

How do I get services?

Call  410-876-4800 for more information.




Fee based on income (sliding scale).