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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Backpack and contents

The Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHPR) Program develops plans to help protect the health of Carroll County residents and visitors before, during, and after community emergencies. Emergencies can include natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and man-made emergencies.

PHPR staff work with many local partners, including:

PHPR staff also work with regional and state preparedness partners, including the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Preparedness and Response, and the Maryland Department of Emergency Management  (MDEM).

To learn more about the Public Health Preparedness and Response Program (PHPR), call 410-876-4817 and ask to speak with program staff.

PHPR staff:

  • Work with other health department staff and local agencies on county-wide preparedness plans
  • Meet regularly with community partners to discuss preparedness issues
  • Educate Carroll County residents about personal preparedness
  • Offer preparedness training and exercises for health department staff and community partners
  • Provide nursing support at emergency shelters during disasters
  • Distribute medications/vaccine if needed to protect the health of county residents during an emergency
  • Develop community messaging and education for public health emergencies

Be Ready for Emergencies

Everyone can help in an emergency by being prepared to stay safely at home for at least 72 hours (3 days). This allows first responders to help those with critical needs first. Here are some resources to help you and your family to get ready for a family or community emergency:


  • helps you plan ahead for disasters and emergencies. You can plan for yourself, your family, your pets, and your business.

Are You Ready?

  • The “Are You Ready?” Citizen’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness offers information specifically for Carroll County residents. Learn about how to get local updates in an emergency, how to protect yourself during different types of weather emergencies that are common in Carroll County, and where to call if you need help during an emergency. “Are You Ready?” Guide

Volunteer with Maryland Responds

Want to get more involved in community preparedness? Consider volunteering with Maryland Responds, the state’s medical volunteer corps. Carroll County has a Maryland Responds Unit that receives information on local trainings and participates in exercises and public health outreach opportunities with PHPR staff. Maryland Responds

 More Resources:

Extreme Weather and Health – how to stay safe in extreme heat, extreme cold, and poor air quality

Relief Centers – locations around Carroll County where people can go during extreme weather such as heat and cold

CDC Emergency Preparedness Resources