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COVID-19 / Respiratory Illness Information

New! CDC Respiratory Illness Guidance 

Respiratory Guidance Snapshot. Core prevention strategies: immunizations, hygiene (handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes), steps for cleaner air (open windows), treatment, stay home to prevent spread. Additional strategies masks, distancing, tests. Stay home and away from others until for 24 hours your symptoms are getting better and you are fever free without meds. Then take added precautions for the next 5 days.

Important steps you can take to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses:

  • Stay up to date with immunizations
  • Practice good hygiene – wash hands often; clean surfaces like doorknobs, counters, and phones; cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Take steps for cleaner air – meet outside or bring in fresh outside air, or purifying indoor air

Steps for additional protection include masksphysical distancing, and/or testing.

When you are sick, take steps to prevent the spread of illness:

  • Stay home and away from others (including people you live with who are not sick).
  • Seek care promptly for testing and/or treatment if you have risk factors for severe illness.
  • You can go back to your normal activities when, for at least 24 hours:
    • Your symptoms are getting better overall, AND
    • You have not had a fever (and are not using fever-reducing medication).
  • When you go back to your normal activities, take added precautions over the next 5 days, such as steps for cleaner airhygiene, masksphysical distancing, and/or testing.


COVID vaccines



  • Testing for respiratory viruses can help you decide what to do next, like getting treatment to reduce your risk of severe illness and taking steps to lower your chances of spreading a virus to others.
  • Free COVID-19 tests are still available at Carroll County Public Library branches.
  • Learn more about testing for respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19



  • If you have COVID-19 and are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19, treatments are available that can reduce your risk of hospitalization and death.
  • Don’t delay: Treatment must be started within 5-7 days after you first develop symptoms.
  • Other medications can help reduce symptoms and help you manage your illness.


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