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Behavioral Health: Prevention Services

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Drug and alcohol counseling classSubstance Abuse Prevention staff work to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse in Carroll County by raising awareness and teaching individuals how to make healthy choices. The programs used are research-based and available for all age groups, from children to senior citizens.

Staff attends health fairs and community events to educate the public about alcohol and other drug use prevention.

All of our services are free of charge.

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Community Prevention Education Presentations

  • Substance abuse awareness programs for civic groups, education and health personnel, parent groups, workplace employees, church groups, students, non-profit agencies, and others
  • Can be tailored to specific audiences within Carroll County
  • Can focus on various topics, including: current drug trends in Carroll County, the disease of addiction, youth risk and protective factors for substance use, and more
  • “Heroin Still Kills”

Carroll County Opioid Prevention Coalition

The Carroll County Opioid Prevention Coalition is a group dedicated to reducing opioid misuse and overdose in Carroll County and includes health professionals, first responders, people in recovery, local leaders, and concerned community members like you. Meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Wednesday of every other month.  Please call 410-876-4449 for more information. The Coalition is funded by the Opioid Misuse Prevention Program grant.

Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices  is an evidence-based program that gives families the skills and knowledge to help children resist substance abuse and other risky behaviors.  Parents will learn specific strategies to help children avoid drug use and develop into healthy adults.

Research has shown that when children are bonded to their parents, school, the community, and non-drug-using peers, they are less likely to use drugs.  Through interactive, skill-based sessions, video illustrations, and a Family Guide containing activities, exercises, and information,  parents will learn to set clear family guidelines on drugs, practice skills to strengthen family bonds, help children develop healthy behaviors, and increase children’s involvement in the family.

For more information: Guiding Good Choices Brochure

Staying Connected with Your Teen

Staying Connected with Your Teen is an evidence-based program that gets parents and teens working together to enhance communications and family management practices and decrease conflict.  The goal of Staying Connected with Your Teen program is to prevent problem behaviors among teens by helping parents acquire or improve a variety of key parenting skills and techniques.

The program shows parents how to improve their family management practices and strengthen the bonds between them and their children, resulting in substance abuse prevention, violence prevention, and positive character development.

Parents and teens attend together and agree to attend every session for the entire four weeks.

For more information: Staying Connected Brochure