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Finding a Flu Vaccination

Getting a flu vaccine every year is the best way to protect yourself and your family from illness, missed work and school, and serious health problems related to the flu. CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated.

Call your doctor to ask which flu vaccine is best for you and check availability.

If you choose to go to a pharmacy or clinic, call ahead and ask: 1) Is the flu vaccine in stock, and what types do you offer?  2) What ages can you vaccinate? 3) Do you accept my insurance? Can you bill my insurance (most can bill) or do I need to pay and get reimbursed?  4) What are your pharmacy/clinic hours?

2022-23 Carroll County Area Pharmacies and Clinic List for Flu Vaccination

Please note that pharmacies vaccinate children ages 3+ or ages 9+. Some clinics may be able to vaccinate children younger than 3 years, but it may be easiest to ask your child’s pediatrician about flu vaccination options if your child is under 3.

Pharmacy Phone # Address City COVID vax?
CVS #5707 410-781-4720 6040 Sykesville Road Eldersburg Yes
CVS Minute Clinic #5707 410-781-4720 6040 Sykesville Road Eldersburg Yes
Express Care Eldersburg 410-549-7222 1311 Londontown Blvd Eldersburg No
Martin’s Pharmacy #6307 410-552-5749 1320 Londontown Blvd Eldersburg Yes
Rite Aid Pharmacy #02223 410-549-6250 6300 Georgetown Blvd Eldersburg Yes
Safeway #1678 410-552-1015 1313 Londontown Blvd Eldersburg Yes
Walgreens #7678 410-795-2968 1260 Liberty Road Eldersburg Yes
Walmart #2436 410-549-5491 6400a Ridge Road, Suite 1 Eldersburg Yes
Finksburg Pharmacy 410-526-1055 2027 Suffolk Rd, #4 Finksburg Yes
Walgreen’s Pharmacy #017508 410-861-8100 2926 Baltimore Blvd Finksburg Yes
CVS #4220 410-239-3750 2311 Hanover Pike Hampstead Yes
Family Pharmacy 410-239-3100 907 S. Main St., Ste A. Hampstead Yes
Walmart #2850 410-374-0332 2320 Hanover Pike Hampstead Yes
Weis Pharmacy #139 410-374-1422 720 Hanover Pike Hampstead Yes
Weis Pharmacy #128 410-374-4019 2205 Hanover Pike Hampstead Yes
CVS #1653 717-637-5228 635 Carlisle St Hanover, PA Yes
Rite Aid Pharmacy #11027 717-632-8833 1430 Baltimore St. Hanover, PA Yes
Rite Aid Pharmacy #02510 717-632-5490 43-47 Baltimore St. Hanover, PA Yes
CVS #1446 301-829-0966 1001 Twin Arch Rd Mount Airy Yes
Express Care 301-703-5452 504 E Ridgeville Blvd Mount Airy No
Walgreen’s Pharmacy #17201 301-829-2920 415 E Ridgeville Blvd Mount Airy Yes
Safeway #1815 301-829-3139 337 E Ridgeville Blvd Mount Airy Yes
Walmart #2551 301-829-4403 209 E Ridgeville Blvd Mount Airy Yes
Weis Pharmacy #119 301-829-1499 1001 Twin Arch Rd. Mount Airy Yes
Walgreens #6265 410-496-8146 9110 Liberty Road Randallstown Yes
CVS #4030 410-526-3509 11623 Reisterstown Rd Reisterstown Yes
Giant #0332 410-526-1661 11604 Reisterstown Rd Reisterstown Yes
Walgreen’s Pharmacy #00382 410-833-0183 11917-19 Reisterstown Rd Reisterstown Yes
CVS #4170 410-756-2548 590 E Baltimore St. Taneytown Yes
Kennie’s Marketplace 410-756-6166 11 Grand Drive Taneytown Yes
CVS #1330 410-857-9000 400 Englar Road Westminster Yes
Express Care 410-848-3990 1011 Baltimore Blvd Westminster No
Giant #0109 410-857-6320 405 N. Center St. Westminster Yes
Walgreen’s Pharmacy #00278 410-848-0212 537 Jermor Lane Westminster Yes
Rite Aid Pharmacy #00347 410-876-1513 250 Englar Road, Ste 22 Westminster Yes
Safeway #116 410-871-1200 444 WMC Drive Westminster Yes
Target (CVS) #16389                                410-848-2152 200 Malcom Dr. Westminster Yes
UNI Urgent Care 443-952-7798 533 Jermor Lane Westminster No
UNI Urgent Care 410-751-7480 826 Washington Road Westminster No
Walgreens #13457 410-848-0513 500 Meadow Creek Dr. Westminster Yes
Walmart #1867 410-857-9703 280 Woodward Dr. Westminster Yes
Weis Pharmacy #111 410-848-5085 630 Baltimore Blvd Westminster Yes

This list does not constitute endorsement of any facility, nor medical advice. The information is subject to change. Please talk to your doctor and call the facility before you get a flu vaccination.

You can also search for flu shots at

If you are homebound: Ask your doctor or homecare agency about getting a flu shot.

If you do not have insurance: Contact Access Carroll at 410-871-1478.

Past clinics:

  • The  Health Department, Carroll County Public Schools, and the Maryland Partnership for Prevention scheduled no-cost flu shot clinics for CCPS students only at public schools in October. A no-cost clinic for children with flu shots an FluMist was held on November 1st at the Health Department.
  • Carroll County Senior Centers Drive-thru flu vaccination clinics were offered by Finksburg Pharmacy in early October.

Updated 12/6/2022