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Health Services – AERS

Adult Evaluation and Review Services

What is AERS ?

AERS provides assistance to disabled adults, twenty one years or older, and frail, elderly adults at risk of needing skilled, nursing home, level of care. AERS completes a comprehensive evaluation and identifies services available to help the individual remain at home or in the least restrictive, most appropriate community setting and at the highest level of independence and well being.

Who can refer ?

Physicians * nurses * social workers * clergy * self/family * other interested persons

Who does AERS evaluate ?

Any adult at risk for nursing home placement who has Medical Assistance or would qualify for Medical Assistance within six months of nursing home placement and in need of:

*in home community services * financial assistance * access to medical care * assistance in locating community resources * in home safety guidelines * desire for assisted living placement * nursing home placement * MD Community Choices Waiver * Older Adult Waiver services.

Anyone seeking nursing home placement, who is suspected of or has a diagnosis of mental illness, developmental disability or both.

Any nursing home residents screened positive for mental illness, developmental disability or both with any significant change in physical or mental condition.

Anyone, age 65 years or older, referred for admission to a state psychiatric facility. AERS evaluates and recommends the least restrictive environment.

Who does the evaluation ?

A nurse or social worker conducts the evaluation in the individual’s home, adult day care center, assisted living or hospital setting.

How does AERS help ?

After completion of the evaluation, the nurse and social worker collaborate and develop a plan of care of recommended services to address the needs of the individual evaluated. Assistance is provided in obtaining services if needed.

More Information:

phone 410-876-4949 * 410-876-4954 *

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