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Facility COVID-19 Cases in Carroll County, MD

Please note that this data has not been updated due to the state’s network security incident in late November, 2022. Please refer to the state’s web page for up to date facility data.


Congregate Living Facility Cases

Total Facility Cases: 1,357 (NET +5 since 11/23)

Total facility fatalities: 195 (+0 since 11/23)

Active Facility Outbreaks

The data below includes all facilities with active outbreaks in congregate living facilities in Carroll County, MD with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases. The number of cases listed is the total number of cases at that facility over time, not just cases in the current outbreak.

Outbreaks that are no longer active (14 days since onset of last case), as well as outbreaks in facilities with fewer than 10 residents, are not listed as consistent with Maryland Department of Health (MDH) data, so the total facility cases above will be higher than the totals below. 

Data may be slightly different than that presented on the MDH facility list due to timing of reports. To view the MDH list, please visit:

Chart below updated 11/30/21

Total # of Resident Cases in Open Outbreak Total # of Staff Cases Total # of Fatalities
Carroll OOJ**
Brightview 0 1 0 0
Carroll Lutheran Village 1 9 4 0
Lorien Mt. Airy 0 0 1 0
Pleasant View 2 2 0 0
Springfield Hospital Center 0 6 7 0

**OOJ = Out of jurisdiction (not residing in Carroll County, therefore not counted in Carroll County totals)

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For information on cases in Maryland, visit

State information from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH)

Frequently Asked Questions: Guidance for Schools About the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

U.S. Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Global information from World Health Organization (WHO)

Carroll County’s COVID-19 call center line is 410-876-4848 and is open 8-5 , Monday-Friday. After hours, people can leave a message that will be returned the next business day. For hotline and website information in different counties, visit our County Health Department COVID-19 Hotlines and Websites Page