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Environmental Health Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review Process

Individual Well or Septic Site Plan

  1. Hire a Surveyor to prepare and submit Site Plan to the Health Department for review along with an Application For Review of Site Development Plan. All pertinent Site Plan Checklist requirements must be addressed.
  2. Upon Health Department approval, hire an excavator to conduct percolation tests.
  3. Pay appropriate Health Department fees. (Percolation Test, Plan Review, Administrative)
  4. Schedule percolation tests with Health Department or Health Department approved independent contractor.
  5. Conduct percolation tests with Health Department Representative and Surveyor present.
  6. Surveyor submits Site Plan, with test results, to Health Department for final review.

Public Water/Public Sewer Site Plan

[Note: Proposals submitted under this heading must be in compliance with the Carroll County Master Plan and cannot exceed the allocations of the appropriate treatment plants.]

  1. Hire a Surveyor to prepare and submit a Preliminary Plan to the Health Department for review. All pertinent Site Plan Checklist requirements must be addressed.

Environmental Site Assessment Review

All Environmental Site Assessment reviews are handled within the guidelines established under the Freedom of Information Act.

All Environmental Site Assessment requests for information must be submitted in writing with the following information. Requests not containing this information will be immediately returned with an explanation of our requirements.

  • Street address, if applicable
  • An accurate site location map
  • Tax Map, Block, and Parcel Numbers
  • County File Numbers, if applicable
  • Building Permit Number, if applicable
  • Owner’s Name
  • Previous Owner(s)’ Name
  • History of use, if available
  • If incident-specific, provide date and nature of the incident.