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COVID-19 Vaccination Data

Carroll County COVID-19 Vaccination Totals

Please note, we are now using CDC data to calculate vaccination percentages, which includes additional vaccinations given out of state and through federal entities. For additional data, see Maryland Department of Health Vaccine Data. This data allows for county comparisons. 
Carroll County vaccination rates through 6/27/2022
Population % Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated, % with Booster

Total Population 72.7%                56.1%
Population ≥5 Years of Age 76.9%                   – 
Population ≥12 Years of Age 80.5%                58.4%
Population ≥18 Years of Age 81.8%                60.4%
Population ≥65 Years of Age 95.0%                77.9%


COVID-19 Case Data

From November 30, 2021: