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Procurement and Grant Opportunities

Group working on a procurement


Procurement services includes Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitation for Bids (IFBs). We also offer some grant opportunities for the public. Please call Carol Wilson at 410-876-4963 or check this web page regularly for currently available opportunities.


Procurement Opportunities


Health Aide- Consultant (Reproductive Health Clinic)

Health Aide Consultant Position- 16 Hours Per Week, Day and Evening Hours Required. Pay Rate is $15.00 Per Hour.

Position Details: Health Aide that will work in a Reproductive Health Clinic.  The Reproductive Health clinic consists of Family Planning, Gynecology (GYN), Colposcopy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).  The RH Clinic is located within the Carroll County Health Department, it provides services to men and women from puberty through menopause. This position requires the ability to collect fingerstick specimens, obtain venous blood and perform point of care laboratory testing. 

Preferred Education: State of Maryland Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant or equivalent, with Medical Technician Certification.

Preferred Experience: Two years of experience working in a medical office or  Hospital setting.                           

Preferred Qualifications:

1.Candidate must possess a current State of Maryland license as a Certified

    Nursing Assistant (CNA).

  1. Consultant position(s) do not include State of Maryland employment benefits.

3.Candidate must possess current motor vehicle operator’s license and own vehicle.

4.Candidate must obtain own professional liability insurance upon being selected for this position.

To apply for this position, email a cover letter, resume and copies of your current credential(s) and licensing information to  Please call 410-876-4963 for any additional questions related to this Consultant opportunity.



Dentist Consultant for the Carroll County Health Department Dental Clinic

Background Information: This clinic provides dental services to children up to age 18 and pregnant women who are insured under Maryland Healthy Smiles. The clinic is located at the Carroll County Health Department, located in Westminster Maryland.

Consultant hours will be 8 AM to 5 PM, 1 to 4 days/week (Monday through Thursday), Hours are not guaranteed but estimated. The pay rate is $50-$54/ per hour. There are no paid benefits related to this position, and Consultant is not considered a State of Maryland employee.

Consultant needs to procure their own professional liability insurance coverage and must be credentialed in Healthy Smiles or have the ability to be credentialed in Healthy Smiles upon signing a Consultant Agreement with the Carroll County Health Department.

Dates: February 23, 2021- June 30, 2021. Two (2) One-year renewal options based on vendor performance and funding approval related to this position maybe authorized.

Responsibilities Are as Follows:

1. Consult with physicians and nurses regarding care, treatment, and medical condition of patients in order to determine patients’ suitability for dental treatment.

2. Conduct oral examinations of patients and obtains dental radiographs in order to make proper diagnoses.

3. Perform prophylaxis procedures and provide oral hygiene instructions to clinic patients.

4. Prescribe fluoride therapy as a preventive measure for clinic patients

5. Dental care may include restorative, surgical, endodontic, prosthetic, and emergency procedures.

6. Determine the need and prescribe medications as indicated

7. Refer patients to outside facilities for procedures beyond the scope of general dentistry

8. Provide direct, personal, indirect supervision of dental hygienist. The supervision is required for clinical services as identified below:

Direct Supervision- Dentist needs to be present. Personal Supervision- Dentist needs to authorize, be present and check prior to patient dismissal Indirect Supervision Levels: Dentist must authorize procedure and be in the Dental office while the procedure is being performed.

9. Complete other duties assigned, including Health Department trainings related to the Dental Clinic and course participation.

To apply for this  position, email a cover letter, resume and copies of your current credential and licensing information to  Please call 410-876-4963 for any additional questions related to this opportunity.




Residential Holding Tank Bid Sheet

Site is near New Windsor, Maryland – Interested parties may contact Leigh Broderick at 410-876-4894 for more detailed information. Lot is very small and a site visit is recommended prior to submitting bid. Proposals should be sent to


2 bedrooms X 150 gallons per day per bedroom X 7 days = 2100 gallons storage required

Will provide one 1500-gallon tank and one 1000-gallon tank or two 1250-gallon tanks (single compartment)

Applicant may opt for larger tank capacity. BRF Grant will cover the minimum tankage specified above – Applicant would pay difference.

Installation Requirements

To scale permit drawing will be required prior to permit issuance.

Preconstruction meeting is required.

Tanks should be bedded on a firm base (minimum 6 inches of #57 gravel) over undisturbed soil.

Water tightness of tanks and all connections must be field-verified by vacuum testing with CCHD and/or MDE present.

Risers on both tanks must extend above grade and cover must be graded to divert water away from riser access lids.

Grading and seeding after installation should be included in the bid.

Anti-buoyancy measures

Option 1: Engineer must provide specifications of anti-buoyancy measures to be reviewed and approved by the Health Department. This could include traffic bearing tanks with thicker lids if supported by engineer specs.

Option 2: Installer will top the tanks with 8.3 lbs. of concrete per gallon of tank capacity – Please provide calculations (A cubic foot of concrete weighs ~133 lbs. and a cubic yard is ~3600 lbs.)


Tank must be alarmed. Alarm must be visible and audible and should be located outside on the driveway side of the house. Alarm must be set to provide a minimum of one day’s storage after sounding. Electrical permit required for septic permit issuance.

Abandonment of old system

Existing system must be pumped empty and crushed and backfilled in place.  Components may be removed and excavations backfilled.


Grant Opportunities

None at this time.

Alert: Postcard Disguised as Official OCR Communication

August 6, 2020

OCR has been made aware of postcards being sent to health care organizations disguised as official OCR communications, claiming to be notices of a mandatory HIPAA compliance risk assessment.  The postcards have a Washington, D.C. return address, and the sender uses the title “Secretary of Compliance, HIPAA Compliance Division.” The postcard is addressed to the health care organization’s HIPAA compliance officer and prompts recipients to visit a URL, call, or email to take immediate action on a HIPAA Risk Assessment.  The link directs individuals to a non-governmental website marketing consulting services.

The postcard below is not from HHS/OCR.

HIPAA covered entities and business associates should alert their workforce members to this misleading communication.  This communication is from a private entity – it is NOT an HHS/OCR communication.  Covered entities and business associates can verify that a communication is from OCR by looking for the OCR address or email address on any communication that purports to be from OCR.  The addresses for OCR’s HQ and Regional Offices are available on the OCR website at, and all OCR email addresses will end in  If organizations have additional questions or concerns, please send an email to:

Suspected incidents of individuals posing as federal law enforcement should be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.