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Carroll County, Maryland COVID-19 Cases

Total Carroll County COVID-19 Cases: 7,527*  (+16 since 3/4)

Total fatalities: 225 (+0 since 3/4)

Case rate per 100,000 as of 3/4: 7.46 (+0.0 since 3/3)**

Positivity Rate in Carroll County as of 3/4: 2.45% (-0.16 since 3/3)**

Probable Cases: 2,225 (+13 since 3/4)***

*These totals include all community cases, all cases in residents in county congregate facilities, and all staff cases in these facilities who live in Carroll County. All data is preliminary and subject to change.

**The case rate per 100,000 and the percent positive rate are seven day rolling averages according to Maryland Department of Health data. For Carroll data over time, see the second row, right-hand graph at

***People who tested positive with an antigen test, not a molecular test. Antigen tests are currently considered “presumptive laboratory evidence” according to the CDC’s case definition for COVID-19, so these cases will not be included in our data totals. However, we are tracking these cases, isolating and contact tracing the individuals to prevent further spread, and recommending follow-up testing with the molecular test (the type offered at state sites, including the Ag Center). Cases who test positive with a molecular test will be considered confirmed and removed from the “probable case” totals.

For more information, please visit the Maryland Department of Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard.

Updated: 3/5/2021


The numbers on this map reflect Carroll County cases only, so will not be the same as the Maryland Department of Health map in zip codes that are in more than one county. The data includes both community and facility cases.

  • Data is suppressed in zip code areas with 7 or fewer cases.
  • Case numbers represent confirmed cases of COVID-19 and do not reflect the risk of contracting the disease in those areas; the coronavirus is spreading throughout the community and residents should continue to follow social distancing guidelines no matter where they are in the county.


This graph shows hospitalizations by week for COVID positive Carroll County residents, in any hospital. •Report week is the week their case was reported, which may not be the same week they were hospitalized. Only one hospitalization is noted per person. •There is a slight data lag so recent numbers may increase.

Graph above shows deaths in laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases. Source: MD Vital Records death certificates. 


Carroll Hospital Data for 3/5/2021:

Patients positive for COVID-19: 7

Patients under investigation for COVID-19: 15

Critical care unit patients: 10

Patient census: 164

Community case totals and information

Click the link above for information about community cases in Carroll County, not including congregate living facility cases.

Congregate Living Facility case totals and information

Click the link above for active outbreaks and total cases in county facilities.

For information on cases in Maryland, visit

State information from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH)

Frequently Asked Questions: Guidance for Schools About the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

U.S. Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Global information from World Health Organization (WHO)

Carroll County’s COVID-19 call center line is 410-876-4848 and is open 8-5 , Monday-Friday. After hours, people can leave a message that will be returned the next business day. For hotline and website information in different counties, visit our County Health Department COVID-19 Hotlines and Websites Page