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Archived COVID-19 Data

In early December, 2021, the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) experienced a network security incident that greatly reduced the Carroll County Health Department’s access to COVID-19 case data. Our current data page has some local data, and links to MDH and CDC data. Below is archived data from before the security incident.

All data below has not been updated due to the network security incident.

Data update through 11/27/21

Total Cases: 12,680 (+224 since 11/23/21)

Probable Cases: 5,563 (+100 since 11/23/21)*

Total Fatalities: 304 (+2 since 11/23/21)

Positivity Rate in Carroll County: 9.2% (as of 11/29/21)**

*Probable cases are those who test positive with an antigen test, not a PCR test. Probable cases are not included in our total confirmed cases (PCR tests are). Probable cases that have been confirmed with PCR tests are removed from the probable case totals.

Levels of community transmission as defined by the CDC:
Total new cases per 100,000 in past 7 days: low <10, moderate 10-49, substantial 50-99, high >= 100
– Percent positive tests in past 7 days: low <5%, moderate 5-7.9%, substantial 8-9.9%, high >=10%
– If the two indicators suggest different transmission levels, the higher level is selected.

Please note, this is archived data. For current data, visit our COVID-19 case page.

Find archived Community Case Data and Facility Case Data.