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Behavioral Health- CIT

(CIT) Crisis Intervention Team                   

Carroll County has joined the CIT initiative as initially established in Memphis, TN, after the shooting of a man with a serious mental illness by a police officer. A collaboration between the Memphis Police Department, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the University of TN Medical School, the University of Memphis, and mental health providers sought to improve how both the police and the community can respond to a mental health crisis.


As of November 2017, Carroll County has 44 members of local law enforcement from nearly every municipality, CCSO and CCDC, including McDaniel College and Carroll Community College, are CIT trained.


What exactly can CIT trained officers do? CIT trained officers responding to a situation involving a person with a mental illness have been given intensive training to recognize symptoms, defuse situations, and provide assistance. This way of response allows situations to be handled in a manner that reduces arrest, trauma, injury, or even death during mental health crisis calls and promotes linking people with mental illnesses to mental health professionals and programs designed to coordinate diversion from jail.

How to obtain services

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis and need to call 911, you should ask that a CIT trained officer respond to your call. Additionally, please provide the following information:

Your name
Address the police should come to
List any available weapons
Name and age of the person you are calling for
Drug use (current or past)
Medications (on or off?)
Prior violent behavior
Past psychosis
Details about delusions or hallucinations
Things that have helped in the past